Weight Loss Tools and Resources

This page will be updated every time I come across useful weight loss tools or resources that I believe can help you in your weight loss endeavor. With so many so called weight loss tools available online claiming reliability, one can start doubting the accuracy or reliability of those tools.

To make things worse, many of the weight loss tools available online often give either distorted or different results which can cause even more confusion and frustration to the information seeker.

Today, this changes. This page will act as your ultimate weight loss tools guide to help you on your weight loss endeavor.

Use the tools available here and you will get nothing but accurate and reliable information.

Here is a current list of some resources I think everyone should be familiar with:

  1. USDA – United States Department of Agriculture website

This is the official website of the United States Department of Agriculture. It is by far the largest food composition database on the planet, but not just that, it is also the most ACCURATE database.

The department of agriculture’s website has about every food you can possible think of. It has raw foods, branded foods, cultural foods and even traditional meals. In addition, when you click on whatever food you want to examine its composition, you will see a list of minerals, vitamins and even ingredients that specific food/meal has for even more accurate information.

It cannot get better than this when you are getting your information straight from the lion’s mouth! Also, the database features about every variation of cooking methods you can think of.

For instance, as you can see in the picture below, I searched for “raw broccoli”, the results I got were about every part of the broccoli that exists! You can also search for fried foods, pan fried, braised, boiled, boiled in skin..etc. The sky is the limit.
The database also feature a sleek integrated calculator as you can see in the second picture above. Simply, just plug in how many grams, ounces or cups of whatever food you want to know information about and the calculator will do the math for you.

In my opinion, this is by far the most powerful tool that can help you lose weight, build muscle or simply achieve whatever body composition you would like. Use it!

2. A Calorie Calculator

reliable calorie calculator

This free calorie calculator was created by the American Cancer Society, and it is one of the best calculators out there. Now, don’t misunderstand, there are tons of other good calculators here, but I like this one because it’s simple and give you a break down of what exactly they mean by the different activity levels, so you don’t choose the wrong activity level for your lifestyle, skew your results and get a wrong estimate that can screw you over in the long run. And the fact that the calculator is endorsed by the American Cancer Society gives everyone a bit of relief.

One thing to note, though. A good calorie calculator is a great weapon to add to your arsenal, HOWEVER, DO NOT completely rely on it because it will never be %100 accurate, but it will give you an excellent estimate instead that will still help you determine how many calorie you need per day.

How to use it? Simply plug in your weight, height, gender, age and choose your activity level as you can see in the picture above, then click on calculate. BOOM! DONE!
Or you can use the calculator available on the website here.

3. Calorie Counting Methods

weight loss tools
What good is the information we get from the resources above if we cannot put it to use? Exactly. Without knowing how to measure your foods caloric content, I promise you that you will be close to shooting an arrow in the dark, you might hit your target, but you will most likely miss.

Since there is no one specific compile guide that teaches you how to properly measure different foods and their caloric content or how to at least estimate the number of calories in those foods, I have created an extensive guide that will teach you how to count calories or at least to estimate them. Click here to read the ultimate guide to count calories.


Obesity Sucks
How many times have your teachers and parents that told you that reading is fundamental? More than enough, I am sure. Anyway, I will still repeat this adage once more and tell you to read!

Pubmed is a service of the US National Library of Medicine which is also the largest medical database on the planet! And best of all, you have all this information at your fingertips for free. Through PubMed, you can access an enormous amount of different researches and studies that have been conducted on almost about every medical problem that exists.

You can even access pre-clinical studies and follow along to see what the researchers will conclude. Now, why would you want to read boring long studies? Because, you do not want to read a stupid boring article of another online guru and put your full trust in him (there are some good people out there, too).

With this much information, you can see what the new research says about different topics. For instance, since Diet Scan covers obesity extensively, I went ahead and typed obesity in the search bar and as you can see in the picture above, a drop down menu popped up suggesting different variations of “obesity” such as child obesity, obesity, obesity prevention, obesity treatment..etc. So, use this information to what the research says about a specific topic and find your answers from a reliable source, although, science is not always right due to studies limitations, absence of control factors..etc. But overall, use that information.