Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss?

Let’s talk about creatine and its potential impact on hair loss, specifically in relation to androgenetic alopecia. It is important to consider the effects of creatine supplementation, not only on sports performance and weight gain but also on the negative effects it may have on

Top 7 Bodybuilders Supplements (Must Have)

This piece will serve as a continuation of this article: 4 useless supplements you shouldn’t invest in. As with many things in the fitness industry, bashing supplements has become a trend. While I primarily agree that most supplements are useless, I am a firm believer

useless supplements

4 Scam Supplements You Should Never Buy

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what I think of a certain supplement, I would be rich as f*ck. I would be living like a king in a mansion in California. Let me put my dreams and aspirations aside. The


Ephedrine as a Fat Burner? The Fat Loss Shortcut!

In quest of achieving the perfect physique, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts “experiment” with many substances that can benefit them and accelerate the process. One of those substances is ephedrine. Some people refer to ephedrine as “ephedra”, however, they are slightly different from each other. People


How to Take Creatine: The Ultimate Guide

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements on the planet. Many fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders take Creatine to help them build muscle mass. However, bodybuilders are not the only individuals who use Creatine. In fact, many athletes, wrestlers, cyclists and swimmers take Creatine to

test boosters

Miscellaneous supplements: test boosters, nitric oxide & more

By now, you probably know my stance on supplements in general and how to get the most out of those potentially helpful products. So far, we’ve covered muscle builders, multivitamins, fish oil, pre-workouts and fat burners, but the truth is that there are many other

fat burners

Do Fat Burners Work? The Ugly Truth

Now that we got muscle building supplements and pre-workouts out of the way, it is only fair to discuss fat burners. It may not be summer time yet, or even spring, but educating yourself on these supplements can help you have an action plan as

muscle building supplements

Best Muscle Building Supplements that Work

So, I have stumbled upon a botanical herb that will increase your testosterone levels by 1000 times more than average people and make you put on 20 lbs. of muscle overnight! Interested? Although you know I am being sarcastic, you know you got a little

Are Supplements Necessary? The Truth

Provocative title, isn’t it? Well, that’s the cold hard truth. I’ve already established that supplements are just the finishing touch to a well-designed diet and exercise regiments; however, most people will find no use of supplements. Why is that? You can spend all the money

dietary supplements

What are Workout Supplements? A Full Guide

We’ve made it to the chapter that everyone is most interested in: supplements. The dietary supplements market has bloomed over the last decade or so to become a multi-billion-dollar industry. Nowadays, people from all ages use dietary supplements on almost a daily basis including children,

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