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In my most recent post, satiety index, I promised that I would create a comprehensive list of the most satiating foods based on scientific research, personal experience, real world experience with clients and fellow trainers and educated guesses. Well, today is the day, this post will feature a list of highly satiating foods that are also low in calories and nutrient dense.
In fact, since the “fullness factor” is a thing, I have decided to create my own rating scale! Well, not exactly, but here are the rules;
The scale will be based on numbers from 1 to 4.
1 represents very low satiety effect = foods that will not fill you up at all! Example: sugar.
2 represents low satiety effect = foods that will satisfy you but you need to eat a good amount. Example: pizza.
3 represents decent satiety effect = foods that will mostly satisfy you. Example: broccoli.
4 represents high satiety effect = foods that are guaranteed to leave you sate. Example: Baked/boiled potatoes.
In addition, I will also try to include as many common foods as possible, thus, this list will be updated periodically.

  • This list of satiating foods is based on clinical research AND real world experience, so read it with a grain of salt, however, it will provide a good foundation for a good list of satiating foods to build your diet around.
  • These satiating foods will take into account the different factors that contribute to satiety level such as: volume, nutrient density, caloric density..etc.
  • As we discussed in the last post, satiety index, feeling “sate” has to do with subjective factors as well, thus, keep in mind that this list might include satiating foods that you won’t like or won’t fill YOU -specifically- up.
  • This list is not perfect, if you have any suggestions, feel free to do so through the comments or by sending me an e-mail. We all learn from each other!
  • The number of calories in foods like doughnuts and muffins could vary slightly due to different cooking methods and ingredients, however, the numbers here are a good estimate.

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