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top 5 fat loss myths

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Training and nutrition sciences have advanced significantly compared to a few decades ago. Fortunately, the past few years have also witnessed the rise of many respectable fitness figures that have one goal in mind: to approach strength training and nutrition with evidence-based perspectives. Because of those two reasons, many myths were debunked. However, there are still many myths circulating the fitness realm and it’s time for us to stop believing them. If I had to choose one fallacy-rich topic it would be dieting and losing fat. Many people are still not aware of how fat loss truly occurs and how to go about achieving that shredded Greek god physique. So, in quest of “getting ready for the summer”, individuals will often jump on a diet and rev up their cardio in hopes of getting lean and mean. Sadly, majority of those summer body enthusiasts will often experience two things:

  • Lose lots of muscle while losing an average amount of fat.
  • Lose tons of strength.

The end result is lackluster results and an average-looking body. Frustration usually accompanies the results and people end up going back to square one without much progress.
So, in hopes of helping people achieve a lean-muscular physique, this “mini-guide” was put together to bust the top 5 fat loss myths. Let’s begin.
top 5 fat loss myths

1-You can’t gain muscle while losing fate losing fat


2-You can’t increase your strength while losing fat


3-Cardio is mandatory


4-You must do high reps / light weights


5-You must eat low carbs



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