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Free Diet Plan Guide

The last post in the supplements chapter officially concluded the end of the diet design series. By now, you should know every single aspect of a diet plan such as calories, macronutrients, nutrient timing, meal frequency, peri workout nutrition and effective supplements. However, you may still have questions, which is perfectly normal. I created this post specifically for that purpose. If you have any comments or  questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. 
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  1. Mohamed Elkastawy

    Should people consider a specific type of tea to make it a daily side drink?

  2. If you mean to augment weight/fat loss, then no, it’s not necessary. A solid diet plan and training regimen are all you need. Just like supplements, it may help, but it’s not necessary. In fact, drinking TOO much tea can become counterproductive due to increasing your tolerance to caffeine, increasing cortisol levels, affecting your sleep (worst thing ever) due to its stimulatory effects, and providing your body with too much antioxidants (check the most recent article to see why). If you enjoy drinking tea, then stick to herbal/decaffeinated tea.

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